Looks like I may be able to soon replace Adobe Fireworks as my image editing tool of choice for the web. Ajaxian recently featured a new tool called Opacity, and if you follow through to their website, you’ll find a great video tutorial that shows how you can create great looking icons and simple images.

But, the best feature in my eyes could be their JavaScript export option that can be dumped inside HTML5’s <canvas> tag to render & animate the image. I haven’t yet seen the source code this generates, but it seems logical that you could translate layer based vector art into JavaScript.


Another feature I also love is the integration with the various OSX FTP clients like CyberDuck and Transmit, as well as the dynamic web preview option.

With <canvas> being relatively new on the scene, a tool like this could really bridge the gap between designers & developers and accelerate the adoption of another open standard that can help push the “open web” forward.

You can read more about Opacity at WebMonkey’s review or check out Opacity’s product page