Ajaxian had a story yesterday about a brand-new JavaScript playground called jsFiddle. A write and execute web-based JavaScript IDE is nothing new, but this is much, much more than that.

The real power of jsFiddle is that you have the option to include any of the most popular JS libraries, including; Mootools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI2.8, YUI3, Glow, Vanilla, Dojo, Processing.js, & ExtJS. This feature gives anyone the ability to try out any of these libraries without going through the task of downloading, extracting, and coded up some examples. With a few mouse-clicks you can view example snippets from any of the major JS libraries, and start editing them to see how they work.

As if that wasn’t enough, jsFiddle also includes social features that give you the ability to write a snippet, save it, and share the URL. As I was hanging out in various JavaScript IRC chatrooms tonight, I continually found myself using jsFiddle to code up snippets to answer questions. In the past, everyone would always just use Pastebin.com, but that lacks any interactive features. Now you can use jsFiddle as a replacement to Pastebin for any JS, HTML, or CSS snippets and the user will have the ability to actually edit, execute, and view the output.

As icing on the cake, you can take your snippets, copy the embed code, and paste them anywhere. Here’s a snippet that I was able to code up in about 15 minutes (writing this blog post took longer than that!) to demonstrate the power of YUI3, YQL, and the Twitter API. In this iframe, you’ll find all the JS, CSS, and HTML you need to create a simple little Twitter widget.

In all, this is an amazing product that I’ll likely find myself using on a daily basis.