I’m involved with organizing two upcoming events in the Kansas City area for web developer/designers.

PreDevCamp - Kansas City

This is an event we just announced today that will be a “bootcamp” for developing on Palm’s new Mojo SDK platform, which is the development toolkit for the upcoming Palm Pre phone.

Website: PreDevCamp - Kansas City.

StartupWeekend - Kansas City

StartupWeekends are events that have been occuring nationwide for the past couple years, and it is Kansas City’s first chance to host one. These events typically take place over a weekend, starting Friday afternoon, and ending Sunday evening. During this event, teams of developers, designers, project managers, marketing peeps, etc… will break off into teams and at the weekend the goal is to have a company up & running with a prototype product built to demo to potential investors.

Website: http://kansascity.startupweekend.com/