Here’s another “How-to” with 1and1 hosting, and this time I want to get the source code control/versioning program “Git” installed on my shared host with 1&1. This was actually remarkably easy.

  1. Go download Git from At the time of this posting, the latest version can be found at

  2. SSH into your 1&1 account

  3. “wget", and that will download the package

  4. “tar -xvzf git-1.6.1.tar.gz” which will decompress the gzip file into a subdirectory

  5. “cd git*” to change into the subdirctory

  6. “make” to begin compiling the source. You won’t be able to do “make install” because you likely won’t have permission to install anything to the system.

  7. Now Git is ready to rock with the exception of needing to add it to your $PATH. This can be done by typing “echo ‘PATH=$PATH:~/git-1.6.1/‘ > ~/.profile”